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Our Story

For the love of pie…

We opened Southern Pies in 2013 with a desire to produce gourmet pies and coffee in a destination location, Kangaroo Valley, NSW.

In our pursuit to define the perfect pie, we visited many pie shops, markets and bakeries, and we tried far too many pies. Most were okay, some were not so good, some were award winning and some inspired us. It was those special ones that inspired us to try harder, think outside the box. We love good food and we have our favourite meals, like Massaman Beef. So what did we do? We put it in a pie and we did it well.

So many times we ordered a Thai Green Curry pie and it was nothing like it. We wanted to do better. We wanted you to order your favourite pie and have it surpass your expectations.

Our greatest pleasure is seeing someone bite into one of our pies and lose themselves in it. There is nothing more satisfying than making a quality product and seeing the enjoyment it brings.

The Perfect Pie

For us, the perfect pie is balance. Balance of flavours and seasoning. The right ratio of filling to pastry. Pastry that isn’t too greasy and melts in your mouth, but doesn’t fall apart. Lean meat, cooked until tender. Vegetarian options that aren’t boring.

Our pies are made only with quality ingredients and baked fresh daily. We use real ingredients for real flavour.

Our Ingredients

We believe in using fresh, good quality, Australian produce, and where possible sourcing locally produced ingredients. We only use ingredients that we would use on our own family table.

Our coffee bean of choice is Vittoria, chosen for it’s aroma and full bodied flavour.

Our Mission

Southern Pies is committed to delivering a consistent, high quality product, served in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Southern Pies strives to provide an outstanding experience that is remembered long after the last bite.